Turkish Breakfast Set Menu

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Turkish Breakfast Set Menu at Reçel Mutfak:

It is all about the salty stuff. The formal word for it, Kahvaltı, means morning coffee or before-coffee meal. Turkish breakfast typically includes tea or coffee and some bread, eggs, and yogurt.

Reçel Mutfak brings natural and healthy flavors to our visitors who trust their taste buds; Reçel Mutfak is waiting for you in Konyaaltı, Antalya.

In addition to the classic daily menus, we continue to serve our unique tastes.

The best-known is a plate of tomatoes and cucumbers, a cheese plate, and the Beyaz peynir (white cheese). It’s similar to Greek Feta but creamier and softer, with some honey, cream, grilled duck (Turkish chorizo—meatless, of course!), olives, and jams.

This food is available on various pieces of bread, like simit and polacca. Both are traditional Turkish bread.

Turkish Breakfast set menu is something to be noticed to start the day on the right foot!

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