Subworkit Business Networking Bylaws

These are the bylaws for an Affiliate Chapter of Subworkit Business Networking and Events. These bylaws outline the roles and responsibilities of members, the structure of events, and the rules and regulations governing the group’s activities. Below is a summary of the key points from these bylaws:

  1. Moderator Role:
    • The moderator represents the event’s structure.
    • They introduce the host and the speaker.
    • Keep the event on schedule.
    • Ensure interactions remain within the identified topic.
    • Read and enforce relevant bylaws.
  2. Admin Role:
    • Register attendees.
    • Uphold group bylaws.
    • Record event minutes, leads, and notes.
    • Follow up on leads and admin work.
  3. Host Role:
    • Provide a physical or online venue.
    • Offer complementary requirements like seating, refreshments, and restrooms.
    • May choose to be the speaker or invite one.
  4. Recommendations for Successful Events:
    • Digital Flyer with event details.
    • Presentations are limited to 15 minutes.
    • Provision of water and optional coffee.
    • Restroom availability.
    • Optional promotional gifts, flyers, photographer, QR codes, and business cards.
  5. Marketing and Advertising Expenses:
    • Includes venue rent, equipment, food, printing, gifts, photography, organizer’s time, and social media advertising.
  6. Sponsors:
    • Sponsors contribute financially or in-kind to support events.
    • They receive public exposure in return.
  7. Speaker:
    • Must be knowledgeable and preferably a professional.
    • The presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.
    • Allowed to advertise their business and profession.
  8. Group Levels (C, B, A):
    • Levels indicate participation and benefits.
    • Group A members have more privileges and financial benefits.
  9. Partners:
    • Individuals or businesses willing to join and contribute to the group.
    • Specific sectors are sought after for partnerships.
  10. Investors:
    • Individuals or groups who contribute time, experience, or money in return for added financial value.
    • Different types of investors, including angel investors, financial investors, and shareholders.
  11. Leads System:
    • Members submit leads to the admin for review.
    • The group discusses and selects who can fulfill the lead.
    • Admin manages payments and commission distribution.
  12. Project Management:
    • Projects are uploaded to the cloud for members to work on.
    • Projects can vary in complexity and duration.
    • Project Managers assign tasks and ensure completion.
  13. Compensation:
    • Compensation is based on member effort contributed to the project.
    • Different compensation rules apply to each group level.
  14. Withdrawal of Financial Benefits:
    • Group A members can withdraw commissions based on a tiered system over five years.
  15. Termination:
    • Subworkit has the right to terminate membership for various reasons, including non-compliance with group standards, recruiting members to other groups, harassment, or misconduct.
    • Legal disputes will be addressed by local authorities and courts.
  16. Bylaws Amendment:
    • The bylaws are subject to change without prior notification.

These bylaws are effective as of March 23, 2023, and are specific to Subworkit Business Networking. They provide a framework for the operation of the affiliate chapter and the conduct of its members and events. For more information please contact us: +18589996787