Project Management

At Subworkit, our goal is to make it easy for you to meet the administrative improvements and industry requirements that will allow you to develop your business. Our professional team ensures you to apply for all the certificates, permits, and training required to enable you to sell. We create a custom plan that meets your expectations based on the best business practices and the latest industry standards. 

  • Mastermind thinking phase to select your target audience and how to reach them. We can help you decide against the odds in your industry and assess the risks for admitting your business plan against the naysayers and industry statistics. 
  • Business development program custom created to fit your company vision mirrored in a planner to help you organize your workflow and address all your administrative tasks.
  • Startup planning, developing and launching. Subworkit scouting program can help you build and present your idea to the right investors
  • A legal funnel program to cover all your business documents and certificates to meet local and international requirements.
  • A personal business advisor in a coach-style to make sure all your tasks are being followed on time and by priority.
  • Investments, stores opening based on location, population, design, and merchandising.