Peshtemal Towel Spa and beach towel (25 peshtemals)

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The original Turkish peshtemal used in the traditional Turkish Spa known as Turkish Hamam. The Turkish Peshtemal weave makes it lighter than a regular towel; however it has the same functionality. It comes in standard size of 100cm x 180cm, 40" x 72". 

Our peshtemals provide an alternative to the towels used in spas, hotels and gyms. The Turkish peshtemal soft feature allows your spa guests to wrap it around their body while in the sauna and steam room contrary to a stiff and thick traditional towel. 

Peshtemals are great use as beach towels because of their light weight and sandless feature. There is no secret, the peshtemal weave allows the sand to escape freely when shaken after a long day at the beach while regular towels don’t. 

The unique texture and color scheme make the peshtemal more desired among travelers and beach goers, and the natural cotton feature makes it popular within the save the earth community. 

Peshtemals are also known for their durability even after extensive washes. Their fast drying feature and absorbent characteristic makes them the ultimate beach companion.

Provides a luxury experience for your resort or hotel guests and welcome them with a unique historic yet stylish perk. Subworkit peshtemals are a genuine gift to friends or even spa guests to make their visit count and having one at home feels like bringing the spa experience to their own homes.  

Disclaimer: dye color may differ from batch to batch. If color match is important we recommend to place all the quantity required in one order

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