PAMUKKALE (HIERAPOLIS) – Explore One Of Turkey’s Natural Wonder


Explore Pamukkale’s enchanting “Cotton Castle” on this day trip departing from Alanya, Side, Belek, Lara, or Kemer. Witness the stunning white terraces formed by calcium-rich hot springs, believed to have healing properties. Immerse yourself in warm waters, discover ancient Hierapolis, and savor picturesque landscapes. An optional overnight stay is available. Ideal for families and adults.
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Explore the Marvels of Pamukkale (Hierapolis)

Embark on a captivating adventure departing from Alanya, Side, Belek, Lara, or Kemer to discover one of Turkey’s renowned natural wonders: Pamukkale, also known as the “Cotton Castle.”

Pamukkale’s breathtaking landscape unfolds as a shimmering, cascading masterpiece crafted by nature itself. The mesmerizing white terraces, sculpted by mineral-rich hot springs, offer an enchanting spectacle, adorned with stalactites, inviting pools, and mystical fairy tables. The spring’s waters are celebrated for their reputed benefits to skin and eye health, offering relief from ailments like asthma, rheumatism, and dermatitis.

As you dip your toes into the warm, soothing waters, you’ll witness the submerged remnants of ancient columns, providing a unique and immersive experience. But don’t overlook the opportunity to explore the ancient city of Hierapolis, home to a magnificent theater, a sprawling necropolis, a colonnaded street, Roman baths, and a bustling agora.

As your journey winds its way back over the picturesque Taurus Mountains to Antalya, you’ll be treated to scenic vistas of charming mountain villages and serene lakeside landscapes. Half-board accommodation awaits in Pamukkale for those opting for an overnight stay.

Situated 19 kilometers north of Denizli, Pamukkale stands as Turkey’s premier mineral bath spa, renowned for its natural allure. Here, hot calcium-enriched waters spring forth, creating a dramatic cascade of gleaming white calcium formations that transform into inviting pools as they cool.

The ancient city of Hierapolis, steeped in Roman history, presents a captivating array of ruins, including a grand theater, an extensive necropolis, a picturesque colonnaded street, opulent baths, and a multitude of other fascinating structures. Don’t forget to take a dip in the modernized Pamukkale Sacred Pool, a spiritual focal point from Roman times, now a popular public swimming spot.

This full-day adventure, with an optional two-day trip for those seeking a deeper immersion, includes transportation, a knowledgeable guide, entrance fees to Pamukkale, and delicious meals. Please note that drinks and extras are not included. Be aware that this tour may not be suitable for guests with mobility issues.

Pick-up times range from 04:00 to 06:00, and drop-off is scheduled between 20:30 and 22:30.

Discover the wonders of Pamukkale – a journey suitable for both families and adults.

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