Chios Tour from Cheshme


Explore Chios Island’s enchanting beauty with our Chios Tour from Cheshme. Wander through picturesque Kampos alleys, visit medieval villages and castles, and discover a new beach each day. Savor the unique Mastiha, participate in traditional events, and marvel at UNESCO-listed Nea Moni Monastery. Chios Town is your cultural hub, and our 10-hour tour takes you through Armolia, Mesta, Pyrgi, and Karfas Beach, all while enjoying the expertise of a professional guide and comfortable transportation. It’s a memorable adventure!

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Explore Chios Island from Cheshme

Immerse yourself in the charm of Kampos’ scenic streets and fragrant citrus gardens. Journey through medieval villages and historic castles. Uncover a new beach to enjoy each day. Savor the uniquely aromatic Chios natural Mastiha, found nowhere else in the world. Engage in captivating traditional events, such as the Easter rocket war. Marvel at the Byzantine masterpiece, Nea Moni Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure. Pack your bags and set out to discover Chios, an exceptional Aegean island.


Chios Town, known as “Chora,” stands as the island’s largest hub, with a population of 29,000. It serves as the island’s administrative, cultural, educational, and commercial heart, as well as its primary port.

Located along the eastern coast, Chios Town offers sweeping views of the nearby Asia Minor coastline, reflecting its historical ties to Ionia. Evidence of habitation on the island dates back to 6,000 B.C., and Chios Town itself was founded by the Ionians around 1,000 B.C.

Today, Chios is a vibrant town bustling with diverse economic, maritime, and commercial activities. It also serves as the island’s cultural nucleus, housing key institutions like schools, libraries (including the Koraes library), and the Homerion Cultural Center.

Nea Moni: Chios’ Pinnacle Medieval Monument – A UNESCO Gem

Nea Moni, a remarkable medieval monument on Chios, stands as a 11th-century monastery complex, constructed through the generosity of Emperor Konstantinos Monomachos and his spouse, Zoe. The cathedral, the central structure within the complex, showcases a rare “octagonal insular” design adorned with exquisite Byzantine mosaic art, reflecting the rich artistic heritage of Constantinople during the Macedonian Dynasty. Recognized for its significance in the history of art and architecture, this monastery is safeguarded by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Monument.

Immerse Yourself in Chios Island’s Mastiha Culture

For an authentic encounter with the Mastiha culture and a glimpse into everyday life in the mastichochoria (the Mastiha villages of southern Chios), a visit here is essential. You can even partake in an agritourism program organized by local experts, where you’ll learn about and engage in every step of the Mastiha cultivation process, from preparation to harvesting and processing. Keep in mind that Chios’ natural Mastiha cultivation and production are deeply intertwined with the island’s identity and daily life.


Our tour begins by picking you up from your hotel and arriving at Cheshme Ulusoy Port at 08:30 in the morning.

After passport and customs procedures, we board a ferry for Chios Island at 09:20. After a 45-minute voyage, we reach Chios Island.

Upon arrival in Chios, we provide you with some free time following customs clearance. During this break, you can explore the city center or enjoy a delightful coffee by the beach.

Afterward, our guide and bus will be waiting at the designated time and place to commence our journey. Our itinerary starts by heading south from the city center, with our first stop being Armolia Village.

  1. Armolia

Armolia, renowned for its handmade ceramics over centuries, serves as our initial destination. The Apolichno Castle, constructed by the Genoese in 1440, still stands prominently on the high hills, despite the limited survival of structures since the Middle Ages, primarily due to the devastating earthquake in 1881. Armolia marks the start of the Mastiha gum villages in the island’s south, where you’ll gain insights into the famous Mastiha gum trees that lend the island its name, along with detailed information on its health benefits and applications.

  1. Mesta

Next on our itinerary is Mesta, one of Chios’ most exceptional villages. Dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries, this village can be likened to an open-air museum, preserving its core structure beautifully amidst the castle-villages established in the 19th century to safeguard against pirate incursions. We’ll visit the TAKSİARHİS church and delve into its historical significance. Taxiarchis, built in the early 18th century, stands as Chios’ largest church and a vital religious site in Greece. From here, we continue to our next village.

  1. Pyrgi

Pyrgi, a medieval castle-village, boasts a one-of-a-kind distinction with its geometric patterns adorning the outer walls of houses. We’ll closely examine how these mosaic-like designs, visible from a distance, are crafted using a technique called “ksista.” The village derives its name from the tower (pirgos), which graces the village, and the Agion Apostolon church in the village square, one of Chios’ oldest churches dating back to the Byzantine era. Additionally, Pyrgi lays claim to the house where it’s believed that Christopher Columbus stayed before his voyage to America. This village, known for years as the central hub for Mastiha collection, offers fresh products from the latest harvest. After departing this uniquely beautiful Chios village, we head to Emporios for a lunch break and some relaxation by the sea.

  1. Karfas Beach

Karfas, renowned for its golden sands, stands as the island’s most popular beach and our final destination. Numerous taverns in the Karfas area offer an extensive array of dishes, from fresh seafood to traditional Greek cuisine. Here, you can bask in the sun and sea on this beautiful beach. Subsequently, we make our way back to Chios Island’s city center, bidding you farewell with cherished memories.

After completing passport and customs procedures at the port at 17:00, we set sail for Çeşme at 18:00.

In just 45 minutes, we return to Çeşme. We drop off our guests at their respective hotels, concluding the tour.

This tour operates daily from 08:00 to 18:00.

Duration: 10 hours

Places to visit: Chios – Armolia – Mesta – Pyrgi – Karfas Beach

Tour Prices:

  • 120 USD per person

Included Services:

  • Hotel pick-up
  • Professional tour guide
  • Transportation by air-conditioned vehicle
  • Parking fees for the vehicle
  • Hotel drop-off

Excluded Services:

  • Lunch and drinks
  • Any personal expenses
  • Optional tips for drivers and guides

Important Information:

  • All our tours are group tours, but feel free to contact us for private tour requests.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • This tour may be conducted by a multilingual guide.
  • If you have specific dietary requirements, please contact the local tour provider directly; their contact details are available in the booking voucher.
  • Transfer durations may vary depending on traffic conditions and the time of day.
  • A valid passport is required for this tour.
  • Please note that this tour is not wheelchair accessible.

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