E-commerce Sales Funnel

Entering new markets can be challenging but can also be rewarding to expand your business and grow your sales. It can be intimidating at first but with Subworkit soft landing service you can rest assured that you are covered. We can help you on both the local and international level, importing and exporting customs and logistics to local and to international markets. We will assist you in exploring new markets such as the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. We can communicate in multiple languages with local wholesalers on your behalf, introduce you to international markets, and enable you to export. Also, we can help you sell your products on the most popular digital marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, Walmart, Otto, etc.  

  •  Multi cards sales team on your behalf 
  • Write sales scripts for the sales team to follow based on over 25 best sellers’ sales books and 20 years of personal experience.
  •  Pre-screen new hires, freelancers, developers, and professionals to help build the business.
  •  Introduce a detailed task manager to help the team to stay on task and productive.
  •  Motivate the sales team to achieve the highest performance based on a primary business language that anyone can implement.
  •  Expand your marketplace by opening accounts on eBay, Amazon FBA, AliExpress, and Google Merchants Center using sales funnel tactics to sell products and ideas.
  • Clearing customs and shipping logistics
  • Fulfillment center to process and ship products