Elixirme Serum Treatment

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Elixirme Serum

Serum Treatment

Elixirme Serum Treatment is essential for healthy and attractive hair, it’s formulated to solve frizzy hair in a short period of time

You can experience the softness and color protection of Elixirme Serum Treatment by using it daily on frizzy hair to control, add shine, and protect from environmental damages

Serum is a light weight oil product applied to the hair after shower as a treatment for special frizzy hair problems, it contains antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins that work to rectify the structure of the hair , smoothness, and it consists of smaller substances that can sink deeply into the hair and convey a very high concentration of active ingredients

Apply a small amount to clean damp hair and work it from the ends up. Blow dry and style as desired. Re-apply another small amount to finish, smooth and add shine.

Apart from the high vitamin C content, Marula oil also contains oleic acid, which protects the hair and skin against the environment therefore Elixirme Serum Treatment can also improve sculp skin damages and can add a smoothness and softness feel. It can treat ageing through the active ingredients as it penetrates your skin faster and can work more effectively with its lubricating agents such as Marula oils which also contains vitamin E, essential amino acids and flavonoids, all great for cell renewal and regeneration.

If your hair looks damaged, tiered, or frizzy, serum treatment is the right product to lessen the visible effects and to start rejuvenating the cells and the texture of your hair

The strength of serum is the high intensity of active ingredients, and pierce deeply, effectively conveying helpful nutrients and hydration actives to the inmost layers of the hair where generic treatments won’t penetrate


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